Remember when your high school sweetheart broke your heart? Yeah, life was over. Then you grew up. Classic teen Americana, made immortal in 1973's American Graffiti. In honor of this great flick, relive the cool cars, teen angst, and buxom babes on this American Graffiti road trip...

Cruise by Petaluma High School for the Freshman Hop, score some Old Harpers at the liquor store (the Petaluma Sport Shop & Dive in real life), and make friends with the Pharaohs at Maguire's Irish Pub. Make sure you get your request in to Wolfman Jack at KTOB 1490 AM. And, of course, find your way to the outskirts of town for a little drag race...

Even if you weren't there in '62, (or even '73 when the movie debuted) you probably relate to American Graffiti in more ways than one. The themes are timeless.

Despite being over 40 years old, American Graffiti speaks to new viewers every year, here's why:

Cool is still cool...


Who can watch this movie and not think John Milner is cool? Young people, old people, it doesn't matter. Today, a guy with a cool ride and a little bit of attitude is still cool. Period. Oh, and we're supposed to say smoking isn't cool anymore, but when you roll them up in your sleeves while driving a Ford Coupe... Yeah, that's still cool. 

Horny is well... still horny.


From 1962 to 2013, teenage hormones haven't gone away. That's for sure. Maybe you can relate to Toad's trying-too-hard approach? Trying to buy a little alcohol underage? Pretty relatable even today.

A crush is still a crush

Is there something that crosses through the decades (hell centuries) more than unrequited love? Who hasn't been a little infatuated with someone during their teenage years? Curt's burning desire to meet his beauty is strong enough to dedicate a song to her through Wolfman Jack. Did you ever call into MTV's TRL to request a song for a crush? Don't lie now.

and finally... Teenage relationships are still terrible relationships.

What makes American Graffiti special to you?