Remember the unfiltered joy of playing in the sandbox as a kid, filling Tonka trucks with dirt and building elaborate castles just to destroy them later? This adult theme park lets you relive the feeling of godlike power in REAL construction equipment! Bigger thrills, much bigger sandbox.

Dig This is the brainchild of Ed Munn, a man who had way too much fun building his own home with big machinery.

"I wasn't making much progress on the house, but I was having great time," Mumm told theEngineering News Record. "I felt that it was something everyone could enjoy, and there was nothing like it out there."

Adult theme park lets you destroy stuff with construction equipment!

The pilot version of the construction theme park opened in 2007, and saw an impressive 6,000 visitors in 2011, proving that Munn was on to something with his idea of "big kid" sandbox fun. But just what does a trip to Dig This entail?

For $400 you get to attend a two hour training session where construction experts will school you in the ways of operating heavy machinery before setting you loose on the park's multiple Caterpillar machines for an afternoon of building giant sand castles, destroying giant sandcastles, and even racing your friends in dump trucks. The whole experience runs about 4-5 hours.

Adult theme park lets you destroy stuff with construction equipment!

Sure, bounding around in a giant dirt playground and destroying stuff sounds like a "dude thing", but the company says it attracts just as many women to the park.

"Half of our customers are females, including housewives and grandmothers," company spokeswoman Cathy Wiedemer said. "Throttling up a powerful engine and moving mounds of earth is very empowering."

Right now you've got to head to Las Vegas if you want to take Dig This for a spin (a perfect way to blow some of your winnings), but in the near future, Munn hopes to have branches in Atlanta, New York, Tokyo, and Australia.

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