Ever dreamed of having an amusement park to yourself? No lines for rides, no whining little kids… it’s the perfect scenario. Sadly, visiting one of these abandoned theme parks is probably the closest you’ll ever come to having the park to yourself. I wouldn’t suggest hopping on a ride, but exploring the creepy abandoned grounds is just as cool. Here’s some of the creepiest abandoned amusement parks:

Land of Oz

Land of Oz, abandoned amusement parks

The Wizard of Oz is creepy enough on its own, but an abandoned Oz is even creepier. It may not be in Kansas, but this mostly abandoned theme park was still a major attraction back in the day. In the roughly 10 years it was open, it saw the death of its owner, a fire in the Emerald City (that destroyed some valuable movie props) and eventually a severe decline in visitors, forcing it to close. It still hosts reunions and Oz festivals, and parts of the park can be rented for various occasions, but it’s nothing like it once was.

Six Flags

Six Flags NOLA, abandoned amusement parks

After Hurricane Katrina, this Six Flags park was abandoned by the company after seeing the extent of the damage wreaked by the storm. There are allegedly plans in the works to do something to the remains of the park, which are now owned by the city, but nothing has been done as of yet. While exploring the grounds is trespassing and could get you arrested, many people still sneak in to get a glimpse of this once-bustling park. This is probably the most well-known of abandoned amusement parks, as it’s been heavily photographed and documented.

Holy Land, USA

Holy Land USA, abandoned amusement parks

Even though this Biblical funland was closed in the late 80′s, plenty has gone on in the park since then. It’s been featured in a Flaming Lips music video and on The Daily Show, and it gets tons of visitors annually (although a gruesome murder that occurred in the park has slowed this considerably). It also had its giant cross refurbished and blessed, and a group of Boy Scouts repaired the giant Holy Land sign. Creepy.

Dogpatch, USA

Dogpatch USA, abandoned amusement parks

This Li’l Abner-themed park was around from the early 1960′s through the early 90′s, when it finally closed. It was for sale for years after, as most abandoned amusement parks are. Although no one bought it (not even when it was listed on eBay…shocker), in a weird twist, it was awarded to a teen who sued the owners after he was nearly decapitated in an ATV accident on the property. It was then purchased, piece by piece, by a woman who revitalized parts of it. Some of the park remains abandoned.



The history of this park goes all the way back to the 1940s, and it remained a family-owned business until mid-2004 when it was closed. A theme-park refurbishing company leased the place, planning to fix it up, but nothing ever came of it, and they closed it for good in 2006. More recently, an organization has expressed interest in repairing the park, although vandalism has gotten really out of hand- even to the point of arson.

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