​When you're putting in long hours on the road, the boredom, loneliness, and homesickness can all add up to one great big "Why am I doing this?" moment.  But the best cure for the traveler's blues is a soundtrack that makes you feel good about where you are and what you are doing.  So without further ado, 20 songs guaranteed to lift your spirits when you're far from home (and don't worry, Life is a Highway is NOT on this list!).

Wild World, Cat Stevens - Nothing like being wished the best as you step out that door for the first time!

Rockin' Down the Highway, Dooby Brothers - An obvious choice for travelers with itchy feet

America, Simon & Garfunkel - Not just a favorite road trip songs, but one of my favorite songs ever, it encompasses both the excitement and the loneliness of travel

Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen - Naturally

Running Down a Dream, Tom Petty - His beats just get me pumped!

500 Miles, Proclaimers - How far would you go for love?

No Particular Place to Go, Chuck Berry - A whimsical but catchy choice, I dare you NOT to sing along

Free Fallin,' Tom Petty - Just a great song

Ramble On, Led Zeppelin - Another obvious choice

Magic Carpet Ride, Steppenwolf - This one will get your blood moving!

Eastbound and Down, Jerry Reed - If you're not imagining yourself as the bandit flying down the highway when this comes on, I wash my hands of you.

Windows Are Rolled Down, Amos Lee - Time is short, so take advantage of the time you have

We Gotta Get Outta This Place, The Animals - A little grim, but a reminder to some of us of what the alternative could be.

Open Road Song, Eve 6 - A good one to blast

Wild Night, Van Morrison - Not necessarily about traveling, but it definitely describes the feeling I get at the beginning of a trip.

Call Me the Breeze, Lynyrd Skynyrd - Has there ever been a road trip playlist without Lynyrd Skynyrd?

Into the Great Wide Open, Tom Petty - OK, I really like to listen to Tom Petty in the car!

Graceland, Paul Simon - A song that really explains why we turn to the open road in times of trouble.

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody!!!! Because, OMG THIS SONG IS EPIC!!!!

Daylight, Matt and Kim - Written about the artist's hitchhiking trip up to Maine

Ok, now you have your road trip playlist... Hit the road with one of these 7 iconic trips:

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