Sequoia National Park is one of America’s most incredible national parks. It was established way back in 1890 by men who had the foresight to recognize this was truly one of America’s most beautiful national treasures. Here are 11 reasons why you simply MUST visit Sequoia National Park this summer.

sequoia forest in fog California

1. A whopping 84% of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks is only accessible by foot or on horseback. How badass is that?!


2. Three words: High Sierra Trail.

Kaweah_downValley High Sierra Trail

3. You can drive through a tree log tunnel.

Tunnel Log Sequoia National Park CA

4. Stand on Moro Rock and contemplate the wonders of life…or just instagram the crap out of the insane view of the Continental Divide from 6,725ft.

Moro Rock Sequoia National park

5. Parts of Ang Lee’s 2003 film, Hulk were filmed here!


6. General Sherman Tree.

General Sherman Tree Sequoia National Park CA

7. The President Tree.


8. Have one of the best picnics of your life at Crescent Meadow (AKA the “Gem of the Sierras”).

Crescent Meadow Sequoia National Park CA

9. Explore the park’s Native American roots at Hospital Rock.


10. Visit Tharp’s Log, the first European homestead built out of a hollowed out Giant Sequoia. And you thought your treehouse was cool!


11. Go caving! Crystal Cave is 3.4 miles of geological awesomeness.



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