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Windsor Essential Info


On July 1, 1992, Windsor was incorporated as a town. Prior to that, it had been part of unincorporated Sonoma County. Windsor's economic growth and population boomed in the 1980s, when housing development rapidly grew during this decade. Prior to that, Windsor's economy was predominately based from agricultural work, mainly involving wine grapes.

Windsor was a small north coast community which has experienced noticeable development after it incorporated in 1992. Visitors will find recently created buildings of a mixture of revival architectural styles, built to create a new small town, near the new Town Green. This development demonstrates aspects of new urbanism as well as the growth supported by expanding interest in California's wine country.

Windsor is primarily accessible by car, although it is also a destination for those bicycling through California's wine country. California Route 101, a restricted access highway, runs through the middle of the town, and Old Redwood Highway (formerly Route 101) runs roughly parallel to the highway. The main commercial district is just south of the town square, just east of Highway 101.


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