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Tahoe City Essential Info


Tahoe City is a town on the California side of the Lake Tahoe region. The was once the site of logging and hunting activity for the northern Tahoe Basin, now it is little more than a year round vacation town catering to visitors and locals daily needs.

The town itself contains a couple of dozen restaurants, multiple bars, sports shops, banks, boat marinas, the Tahoe Yacht Club, and a couple large chain grocery stores.

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Best Time To Go

Year round

Current Time

Current Weather

36 °F

Mostly Clear

Fun Facts

  1. There are 63 tributaries draining into Lake Tahoe with only one outlet at the Truckee River in Tahoe City.
  2. There is enough water in Lake Tahoe to supply everyone in the United States with more than 75 gallons of water per day for 5 years.
  3. The site was surveyed in 1863, and Tahoe House was built in 1864. It changed its name to Tahoe City in 1949.

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