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Sweetwater County Essential Info


Whether Sweetwater County is your final Wyoming destination or you're visiting on the way to the National Parks , there are countless way to create an adventure of your own.

Explore 8,200 square miles of public land. Visit our charming western towns like Green River and Rock Springs. Ride the world's second largest active sand dune field at Killpecker. Hunt for dinosaur fossils. Observe wildlife in its nature habitat at Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge. Soak up the sunshine and catch the big one on Lake Flaming Gorge. Step into the past on historic trails and retrace the steps of Wildwest Outlaws and American Pioneers. Mountain bike through the high desert or kayak on the Green River. It's not a question of what to do in Sweetwater County. The only question is how long should you stay to fit it all in.

Create your own adventure in Sweetwater County, conveniently located at the junction of I-80 and Hwy 191 in southwestern Wyoming, and discover our affordable rates, endless adventure, rich history and western spirit.

Don’t just vacation. Adventure.


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Fun Facts

  1. Larger in land area than 6 states, the largest county in Wyoming
  2. World’s second largest moving sand dunes
  3. #1 Single-track trails in Wyoming
  4. More miles of still-visible pioneer trails than any other place in the US
  5. Home to a rare herd of Desert Elk
  6. Flaming Gorge is the largest reservoir in the state

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