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Regina Essential Info


Regina is the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan. It is in the south part of the province on highway No. 1 . Regina is home of the RCMP Training Academy and the CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders.

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Fun Facts

  1. The first automated teller machine in Canada was developed by Saskatchewan credit unions in 1977 and first went into service at two Sherwood Credit Union branches in Regina.
  2. In his 2013 book Fire on Ice: Why Saskatchewan Rules the NHL Regina, author Darrel Davis found that for every 100,000 in the province, there were 4.8 playing in the NHL.
  3. Every Canadian Mountie gets their red serge tunic and Stetson hat via Regina's RCMP Depot, the Mountie training facility since 1885.
  4. The "Regina Cyclone" was a tornado that devastated the city on 30 June 1912 and remains the deadliest tornado in Canadian history,

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