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Reading is in the state of Pennsylvania, United States

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  1. Reading was known as "The Pretzel City", because of numerous local pretzel bakeries.
  2. Reading was named after Reading, Berkshire, England.
  3. By the time of the American Revolution, the area's iron industry had a total production which exceeded England's. That output that would help supply George Washington's troops with cannons, rifles, and ammunition in the Revolutionary War.
  4. Susanna Cox was tried and convicted for infanticide in Reading in 1809. Her case attracted tremendous sympathy; 20,000 people came to view her hanging, swamping the 3,000 inhabitants.
  5. In 1908, a Japanese-style pagoda was built on Mount Penn, where it overlooks the city and is visible from almost everywhere in town. Locally, it is referred to as the "The Pagoda".

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