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Punta Gorda Essential Info


Punta Gorda is a city in Charlotte County in Florida.

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Fun Facts

  1. The name Punta Gorda, which means, "fat point" when translated from Spanish. The moniker was given to the city because a broad part of the land in Punta Gorda juts into Charlotte Harbor.
  2. Punta Gorda is one of the oldest incorporated cities in Florida.
  3. During World War II, an U.S. Army air field was built in Punta Gorda to train combat air pilots. After the war, the air field was turned over to Charlotte County.Today the old air field is the Punta Gorda Airport providing both commercial and general aviation.
  4. Roy Boehm, founder of US Navy SEALS, died in Punta Gorda
  5. In 1925, a bungalow was built by Joseph Blanchard, an African-American sea captain and fisherman. The Blanchard House Museum still stands as a museum, providing education for the history of middle-class African-American life in the area.

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