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Ocean City is a popular oceanfront resort city on the coast of Maryland. Many things draw visitors -- skyscraper hotels, clean beaches, the boardwalk, restaurants, beachfront lodging, amusement parks and the large convention center -- but a simple bay sunset may be the greatest pleasure. Visitors range from families escaping the more urbanized Western Shore of Maryland to conventioneers soaking up the sun to teenagers enjoying the first taste of vacation without adult supervision

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  1. Animals are not allowed on the beach in Ocean City at any time between May 1 and September 30.
  2. During the summer months, Ocean City becomes the second most populated town in Maryland
  3. Prior to 1870, what is now Ocean City was known as "The Ladies' Resort to the Ocean".
  4. Ocean City is known for its "Senior Week" activities. Recently graduated high school seniors from Maryland and surrounding states travel to Ocean City to spend a week with friends and away from parental supervision.
  5. First opened in June 1976, Ocean Bowl Skatepark in South Ocean City, was the very first skate park to open on the East Coast in the United States, and is the longest running municipal skatepark in the United States today.

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