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Moscow is a city in North Central Idaho with a population of around 22,000 people, an agricultural center and the home of the University of Idaho. The surrounding area is generally referred to as the Moscow-Pullman area -- Pullman is a city in Washington, that is fairly symbiotic with Moscow. They are 8 miles apart.

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  1. The city was highlighted in a comedy special at University of Idaho by actor-comedian Yakov Smirnoff, filmed in late 1990.Using Moscow as its setting pokes fun at Smirnoff emigrating from Moscow, Russia.
  2. Joel Courtney, an American actor, best known for his role of Joseph "Joe" Lamb in the 2011 Steven Spielberg/J. J. Abrams film Super 8, lives in Moscow.
  3. Moscow is the home of the University of Idaho, the land grant institution and primary research university for the state.
  4. Moscow is the birthplace of coach Hec Edmundson, writer Carol Ryrie Brink, singer Josh Ritter, and composer Zae Munn.
  5. An amphibian, the Rough-skinned Newt, found typically along the Pacific coast of the USA, can also be found in Moscow.

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