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  1. Lynchburg is best known as the location of Jack Daniel's, whose famous Tennessee whiskey is marketed worldwide.
  2. Davy Crockett, the frontiersman who got elected to Congress and died fighting Santa Anna at the Alamo and is buried in San Antonio, once lived a couple of miles from what is now the center of the town.
  3. There are 435 employees at the distillery. If you peruse the black label on the trademarked square bottle, you notice that the population of Lynchburg is 361. That hasn’t changed since the time that first label was printed and is not likely to change for an interesting reason. To change the wording on the label would require a new trademark and the distillery would forfeit trademark protection.
  4. Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel, an American distiller and the founder of the Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey distillery., was born and died in Lynchburg.
  5. Lynchburg has only one traffic light.

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