Idaho Essential Info


When it comes to exceptionally awesome states, don't write Idaho off as small potatoes! If you're feeling brave, venture into Hells Canyon, Craters of the Moon is out of this world cool, and Boise has cultural, natural and historical attractions...and yes, there's always the Idaho Potato Museum.


Best Time To Go

May-Jun, Sep-Oct

Fun Facts

  1. Idaho’s Hell’s Canyon at around 7,900 feet is the deepest gorge in the United States.
  2. Idaho was named after the Indian word 'ídaahę́' which means "the Land of many Waters".
  3. The Capitol Building of Idaho is the only one in the United States heated by geothermal water.
  4. Ernest Hemnigway bought a house in Ketchum, Idaho, where he lived until his death in 1961.
  5. The largest man-made geyser, Soda Springs, can be found in Idaho.

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