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Cedar Falls is a city in Northeast Iowa.

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  1. William Sturgis and his brother-in-law, Erasmus Adams, were the first permanent residents of “Sturgis Falls,” now known as Cedar Falls.
  2. In 1863, the Civil War Soldier's Orphan Home was built. This has since become the University of Northern Iowa.
  3. The city owns its power, gas, water and cable TV service. As such Cedar Falls Utilities provides gigabit speeds to residents as highlighted by President Barack Obama on January 14, 2015.
  4. Mark Steines, an American broadcast journalist and actor, who was once the host of Entertainment Tonight, went to University of Northern Iowa on a football scholarship.
  5. Robert James Waller, an American author best known for his bookThe Bridges of Madison County, graduated from University of Northern Iowa, and later became dean of the College of Business in 1980

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