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Bloomington Essential Info


Bloomington, pop. 77,000(2010 census), is a city in the Midwest state of Illinois in the United States of America, on the classic Route 66 highway across the country. With neighboring Normal, pop. 52,000(2010 census), it forms a combined community of about 130,000 known locally as the Twin Cities. Illinois Wesleyan University is in Bloomington, and is not to be confused with Illinois State University in Normal.

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Fun Facts

  1. In 2005, Golf Digest ranked Bloomington-Normal as the Fifth Best American City for Golf in their "Best in America" Metro Golf Rankings.
  2. In 2011, Bloomington-Normal was name the 17th geekiest city in the United States due to the high percentage of workers that are involved in the engineering, mathematics, science, and technology professional.
  3. Pepsi is the official soft drink of Bloomington.
  4. Abraham Lincoln frequented Downtown Bloomington area during the 1860's when he was a practicing lawyer.
  5. Bloomington got its name in 1830, before that in was known as Blooming Grove, and prior to that Keg Grove.

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