December 02, 2017

**Exact location is the corner of Second and Kinsley**

Such a cool spot. I’ve always love checking out places from songs - this is one of those places. I’ve loved the song “Take It Easy” so it was nice to check out the spot.

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December 01, 2017
Rated 5.0

“can I just get a room to lay my head for the night?”

That’s exactly what you get here at the Silver Saddle Motel. Yes, I said “here”. I’m a guest passing through Santa Fe via route Route 66 from Chicago. In previous towns I was told to check out certain hotels that were charging way too much ( roughly $120-150). Normally that would be fine if I was making a day of it in Santa Fe but I was just looking for something simple.

I arrived at 6pm to a very nice man who was very pleasant to talk to. I talked to him about how shocked I was that his rates were so cheap and all the things to do around town.

After the chit-chat I checked into my room (18). It had a cozy feel. Very comfortable bed with quilt, fleece and layers of sheets. I loved the decor! It felt like you got a room on a ranch after long travels.

Don’t let the price scare you away! Check this place out! It’s simple, cozy and a great place for those that want to be comfortable, clean and cheap!

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Roadrunner Lodge
Roadrunner Lodge

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November 30, 2017
Rated 5.0

This is my second time staying at the Roadrunner Lodge. I made it a point to come back here (it was the only thing I made sure I had on my Route 66 itinerary).

When I walked into room 12 I was greeted with a “Leader of the Pack” on the transistor radio. 📻 You have to check out the bathroom! The most unique bathroom I’ve ever seen!

If you want an authentic feel while staying on the Route, Tucumcari is definitely the town to stop in and the Roadrunner Lodge is the place to stay!

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November 18, 2017
Rated 5.0

Absolutely stunning. If you want a pure taste of Colorado without having to hike crazy terrain- you are in luck. It’s a rest stop right off the I-70 so there’s bathrooms and, vending machines and a designated path that leads you right to the river. Bring your rain boots and have fun!!!

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