February 17, 2015

We have told you fans more than once Ok!!! NO!!! more pizza on my parents roof IS not tolerated!!!! The show is over get a life This is a family home

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July 24, 2014

Ok! This is to all the fan get your facts straight

1. This is a family home owned for 41 years not!! A prop house
2. The family will never sell
3. The owner's don't have a problem with the fan's coming by to take pictures if you respect the neighborhood don't block their driveways, walk on their property.
4. Be respectful of the house.No!! Pizza on roof
5.Y ou can take pictures off the property
The owners have shared their story with the fans on how the house was choosen and has help fans take their pictures even sent fans to the famous site.but, for the fans that cant respect the simple rules
The owners have installed security camers now cause of the fans that cant follow the simple rules and the local police patrol all hours.

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