June 07, 2019
Rated 1.0

If I could give the Bell Witch Cave negative stars, I would. My experience on June 6, 2019 was the most insane and terrifying experience in my life not due to the tour, but the owners. My friend, myself and two children decided to set out for a day adventure approximately two hours away to experience this historic site. We made sure we read the rules and times of operation before arrival. Their website states they are open from 10am-5pm and no appointment necessary. Therefore, we arrived a little before noon.

Upon entering the gate, it was clear the gate was latched, NOT LOCKED. We tried to call the office number for the cave, but were having an extremely difficult time due to cell signal. So, since it was not clearly locked we decided to go ahead and drive towards the office to figure out what was going on. While I was driving I was approached by the legendary 'man in blue-overalls' head on in his blue pick up. He blocked me in, jumped out of the car and started screaming in my face. He asked what I thought I was doing here? And to get off his property! I also stepped out of my car in this man's rage as a protective mother, not knowing what he was capable of.

At first, I really thought this was some kind of sick joke until I realized how serious he was. Keep in mind, I had two small children in the back seat that were absolutely terrified by this man's encounter. Myself and friend are two young women in our mid twenties and certainly do not look suspicious by any means. Instantly, I apologized to the man and told him we tried to call, but where having difficulty with service. I stated, the sign says your open for business so how are we supposed to know?

At that time, my friend was able to make the phone call to the office while the man was screaming at me. The lady informed us that they are closing due to the rain, which at the time it wasn't raining an ounce. I informed them we drove two hours and they could care less. He kept screaming at me to get in my car and never come back!

So, I got back in my car with adrenaline pumping through every ounce in my body. He was following me out of the gate at the point. I was scared and didn't know whether I should get out and un-latch the gate myself or this deliverance type psychopath behind me was going to do it. So, I get back out (flight or fight mindset) to get the hell out of there as fast as I could. He also insists of getting out of his truck to continue yelling at me and I was trespassing on private property, he was going to get my license plate and I was to never set foot on his property ever again! I'm sorry, but how is it considered trespassing when it is a business open to the public, no appointment necessary and we were there during open business hours???

I am still in shock of the events that took place at the Bell Witch Cave, it is clear this man "Walter" is his name if you would like to know is clearly unstable and should be shut down. I have never been so scared for the safety of my children and would have never thought an event like this would take place. Therefore, I am posting this as a warning to all interested in visiting the Bell Witch Cave. It is such a shame because it is such a historic landmark that could be a great experience to interested visitors. I believe there is good and evil in this world and Walter made it very clear that dark forces are attached to this property. I hope no one else ever has to go through the same experience at the Bell Witch Cave. PLEASE BEWARE!!!! They don't deserve your business!

This is the response on Yelp from the Bell Witch Owners:
6/6/2019 Ok let's get this incident straight. It had started raining and a lot of rain was on the radar coming towards us. The man went out to close the gates as we were closing down. You pulled in as he was getting back in his truck. You called me and asked why the gates were closed? I told you that we had a bunch of rain coming in and we have to close. You told me you drove over two hours to get here. I said I was very sorry but we can not take a chance on having people in the cave with heavy rain as the cave can start flooding in 20 minutes after a heavy down pour. You told me that I just lost a customer. I apologized to you but said I am sorry but I can't do anything about the rain. Then you hung up on me!!!!! Then you got out of your vehicle and opened the gate and came on in. My husband seen you open the gates and he called and told me a car was coming in. I told him I was just talking to you and informed you we were closed due to the rain coming in. When he met up with you in the driveway he asked why did you open the gates and come in ? You said the gates were open ( not true) you were already told we were closed so why did you take it upon yourself to come on in? If you are going to tell what happened please tell it correctly and it's not necessary to over dramatize it. You were told nicely on the phone that we had to close due to the incoming rain. When the gates to our business are closed there is a sign on our gate stating no trespassing. But you opened them and came on in anyway. You were in the wrong for doing

My response back for the public to know the truth:

In response to Bell Witch's inaccurate statement:

Of course as a business owner, you are going to counter my statement an deem it to be inaccurate. Therefore, you twist the words of the true account to make yourself look better. As I stated, the gate was latched, not locked upon arrival. We arrived during business hours and attempted to call at the gate. How many individuals do you think would drive two hours to visit a facility during hours of operation and simply turn around? How are we supposed to know this is not a standard procedure for every car that arrives? Perhaps, it is a way to track the vehicles arriving on site. If it was supposed to be locked, you need to notify customers, and use a legitimate LOCK not a dog clip, so they are not in fear for their lives on the grounds of YOUR property!

Secondly, the call was made after the gate was opened, NOT BEFORE! My friend was speaking with you and I commented that I was in the drive when you informed us you were closing at that moment due to the rain. At the time, it wasn't even raining. You were not polite or nice about the unfortunate situation and that is when your husband hastily approached my vehicle and berated us! I apologized to your husband, but it was useless. Of course, I would tell you, you just lost a customer. Who wouldn't with this type of treatment??? My friend did indeed hang up the phone out of fear of our lives and lives of children! Therefore, how can this account be overdramatized?

So what can you say for all other bad reviews for your business? They are all lying too, and falsify information? I'm sure this a typical response for all inquiring customers you have failed time and time again. Great job, Bell Witch Cave Owners! You really do this business justice.

PLEASE ALL: Read this incompetent response depicted by the Bell Witch Cave Owners. They will twist your words and true accounts while visiting the property. There is no wonder you can't have video on their property due to the owners unstable behavior! This behavior can only be justified by incompetent degenerates that feel it is okay to scream at women and children.

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