Hicksville Trailer Palace
Hicksville Trailer Palace

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April 29, 2017
Rated 1.0

Beware - Terrible Experience

Tried to book this for my wife and her sister for a surprise weekend, ended up out hundreds of dollars and headed to court. When we tried to confirm the check-in we were told that even though the reservation was in my wife's name, since I had paid with my credit card (IN FULL) that they would be unable to check in. Tried to offer solutions, rebook with new card, provide new card for incidentals on arrival, anything. Instead the owner (Morgan Night) took way too much joy in berating my wife, bringing her to tears, and offering the solution that she should be mad at me for not reading the fine print. After reading the reviews from people he had abused in the past, it is probably best, don't think I would have felt comfortable with them being there in the first place. It was almost a joke and it should be relabeled the Hicksville Trailer Palace of Horrors. If he can be so abusive, rude, and misogynistic just trying to make or change a reservation, imagine what would of happened with a real customer service request. See you in court.

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