Lookoutpoint Lakeside Inn
Lookoutpoint Lakeside Inn

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July 08, 2015
Rated 5.0

This place is worth every penny. It's tucked away in a slice of heaven. Comfortable beds, a great breakfast (vegan and vegetarian friendly!), wine, a wonderful garden, sitting area and boating. It's quiet and maybe it was just the time we were there, but there wasn't a child in sight! My husband and I are both childfree and we aren't fans of tantrums and running children. Not saying the place isn't child friendly, just saying its smallish and quiet and if your tykes like to make noise, this might not be the best place to bring them out of respect for guests who got a babysitter or don't have children. (please don't kill me mommy bloggers) The crowd is a little older than most bed and breakfasts we've visited, but we don't have an issue with that! We're in our late 20s, so we enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and got out downtown to enjoy a little nightlife. This is wonderful place to unplug. The staff was amazing.

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