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October 27, 2017
Rated 2.0

Beautiful place, but so very disappointed! I love being outdoors and have a great respect of the wilderness. The falls were beautiful, and I had a good time with my friends while hiking and discovering the area all the way down to the Colorado River.
However, I was so sorry to see that the Natural Resources are not being managed very well. Part of this is the managers allowing so many people in everyday and the other part is the ‘stupid’ people not treating the outdoors like they would treat their own home. day...that and many people do not understand that you cannot just pee anywhere that you want nor leave your gear, food, & trash out where the animals can get to it. There was also a sewage leak from the Supai village that contaminated the water and waterfalls during the time we were there.
Here is the biggest disappointment: After hiking down into the canyon, staying for a couple days and then packing out again, we find out that our vehicle along with 12 other vehicles had been broken into through the sunroofs, damaged the interior, and all the contents inside the cars were stolen.
...And this isn't a random act. We found out that the next week about 10 more vehicles were broken into. In fact, we believe that this happens more often than people report on social media. Law enforcement is basically absent and you will need to drive 70 miles to Peach Springs, AZ to even fill out a report with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. That said, as beautiful as the waterfalls were...we will never be back. If you do go...beware robbery and even murder of a tourist has happened.

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